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Kentucky Horsewear

Kentucky Horsewear Quilted Colour Edition Jump Saddle Pad

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The Kentucky Leather Colour Edition Saddle Pad provides excellent cushioning between your horse’s back and the saddle. It features beautiful material and quilting whilst highly breathable, ensuring optimum comfort for your horse throughout.


Kentucky Horsewear was established back in 2011 and rapidly became the must-have brand for protective horse boots across all disciplines. While their core values are excellence & innovation, their mission statement is to provide high quality and stylish products with extreme protection and comfort for your horses during training and competition. With their own expertise, you can be certain that the protection, comfort and well-being of your horse always comes first.


Today Kentucky are proud to see Kentucky Horsewear products sold and worn worldwide on some of the world’s very best horses competing in the most prestigious rings around the globe. Their rapid expansion and growth is in large thanks to their ambassadors. Together, Kentucky have created a brand that has become a reference among the world’s leading riders. To meet the needs of customers at the very top of the sport, they’ve listened to them and take their advice.

Kentucky Horsewear are continuously looking to improve their existing products, as well as inventing new ones based on input from riders and grooms that use Kentucky Horsewear on a daily basis.