Our Sponsored Riders

We are thrilled to introduce to you our fabulous sponsored riders! 

Charlotte Dujardin


Nathalie Kayal



Vicki Humphreys

My name is Vicki Humphreys and I am a keen amateur rider. I own 2 horses, my 15h homebred spotted knabstupper mare who is trained to PSG and my younger stallion who is a PRE who is now working at advanced medium level. I mostly concentrate on dressage and the dream would be to train my stallion to be a GP horse, but I also enjoy general tomfoolery with both of my horses and I may even dabble back into some eventing this year!


Holly Cooke





Hannah Camplin

I’m Hannah Camplin and I am a 32 year old very keen amateur dressage rider from Surrey, I work very hard as a nanny and I am extremely lucky to be able to ride in daylight hours most days - best job ever!

In 2018 a certain complicated and tricky little brown horse called Fig came into my life and this is where my journey really started. I started to learn what all those fancy moves were all about and this is where I completely and utterly fell in love with the discipline ‘dressage’.

Unfortunately circumstances changed and he was sold in 2019 but I was incredibly lucky to have found him again in 2020 and finally made him mine! I still can’t believe he belongs to me! 

We love training and competing and we are honestly the luckiest ‘duo’ in the world because we are trained by the wonderful Jezz Palmer. He is there whenever we need him, when things go wrong, when things go right, at competitions and at home. He has taught me so much and I have so many ‘tricks and solutions in my toolbox’ now.

I love that we are both learning along the way and We are now competing at medium gaining some good solid scores. 

We have built such an incredible relationship and just love being together.